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Bubba Radiant 32oz Drinkware with Push Button Chug Rubberized Licorice

Brand: Bubba

Price: $17.99

Hanging with friends at a music festival or heading to the beach? Bring the bubba® Radiant Stainless Steel Rubberized Water Bottle with with Push-Button Chug Lid, 32oz. along for the fun. The leakproof lid is easy to open with just the push of a button so you can hydrate quickly without the mess. Plus, your favorite drinks stay cold for 12 hours thanks to the vacuum-insulated stainless steel. When you’re done drinking, close the cap to help protect the spout from dirt and grime and slide the button to lock it in place. A comfortable, pivotable carry handle lets you easily carry the bottle with you while walking along the beach or checking out the festival grounds.

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