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Perfect Lift Window Treatment Cut-to-Width White Cordless Light Filtering Eco Polyester Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular Shade 31 in. W x 84 in. L

Brand: Perfect Lift Window Treatment

Price: $0.00

Choosing eco-friendly window shades doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style or safety. Our eco-friendly Perfect Lift Window Treatment honeycomb light filtering shades provide all in one. Perfect Lift Window Treatment honeycomb light filtering shades are made from 100% fibers from recycled materials. An average shade size (32 in. x 64 in.) takes approximately twelve 16 oz. plastic bottles reducing the number of bottles from ending in our ocean. Honeycomb style shade provide the right amount of privacy and light filtration, these shades are also a great source of energy savings by keeping hot and cold air from entering or leaving your room. Perfect Lift Window Treatment honeycomb light filtering shades feature a simple lift mechanism that operates with minimal efforts by simply holding the bottom rail and gently raising or lowering to the desired height. Honeycomb cellular shades area a practical alternative to standard window blinds at an affordable price. Our Perfect Lift Window Treatment honeycomb light filtering shades offer safe solutions for homes and institutions where young children and pets are present. Color: White.

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