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3'x4' Arabesque 9 to 5 Desk Chair Mat Brown - Bungalow Flooring

Brand: Bungalow Flooring

Price: $99.99

Are the floors in your home office being overworked by the wheels and casters from your desk chair? Looking for something more professional and inspiring than a clear plastic mat to keep your chair rolling and the creative juices flowing? Well, look no further. Introducing the 9to5 Chair Mat by Bungalow Flooring; stylish floor protection that is sure to transform any office space. Your office or gaming chair will glide in style on top of the vibrant digitally printed stain-resistant polyester top, while the durable, skid-resistant rubber backing provides legit floor protection and keeps your mat in place. Simply vacuum or wipe clean with a mild detergent to keep the surface bright and vibrant. We manufacture our mats right here in the USA with commercial grade materials that are designed to perform in tough environments for years to come. Give your office space the promotion it deserves with the 9to5 Chair Mat by Bungalow Flooring.

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