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3 Drawer Angled Writing Desk with Cord Management Slots Gray Wash - Saracina Home

Brand: Saracina Home

Price: $299.99

Need a tech-friendly writing desk? Saracina Home has you covered with the 3 Drawer Angled Writing Desk with Cord Management Slots. Slits incorporated at the back of the desk allow out you to keep charging cables handy and organized. Three drawers with sleek cutout handles let you conveniently store tablets, notebooks, and writing instruments. Its angled silhouetted combined with the wood and metal frame make for a stylish, modern industrial workspace. So, ace your next study session, start that novel, or develop the next big app at your brand-new work sanctuary. Overall Product Dimensions: Product Height: 32” Product Width: 42” Product Depth: 18.75” Desktop Dimensions Height: 3.5” Width: 42” Depth: 18.75” Drawer Dimensions Height: 2” Width: 11.75” Depth: 12” Leg Dimensions Floor to Desk Clearance: 26.25” Width: 41.5” Depth: 19”

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