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PIPE DECOR 1 in. x 3/8 in. Galvanized Iron Bushing (6-Pack), Galvanized Silver


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Authentic galvanized malleable cast iron bushings from Pipe Decor let you connect bigger fittings into smaller pipe. Bushings insert into the female threaded end of a fitting to reduce the size of a connecting pipe or fitting. Ideal for DIY Furniture. If you're building a table it allows you to have sturdier legs with a lighter cross bar. Why use galvanized pipe and fittings for your next project? These genuine, malleable iron fittings are dipped in a hot zinc bath making them corrosion resistant. You can use galvanized pipe, nipples and fittings to create towel bars and robe hooks for the bathroom, curtain rods, pipe furniture, outdoor railings and fences. These fittings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. Craft galvanized pipe, nipples and fittings into a surprising number of looks and aesthetics: steampunk, modern industrial, factory, French country farmhouse, vintage, retro, and reclamation decor. Pipe Decor products allow you to showcase your creativity while creating functional home decor pieces that last. These galvanized unions can also be used for traditional plumbing applications. Color: Galvanized Silver.

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