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Hamilton Beach 3in1 Grill/Griddle 25380

Brand: Hamilton Beach

Price: $54.99

The Hamilton Beach® Dual-Zone Grill/Griddle has 1400 watts of power and two cooking zones, each with its own independent heat controls. The large 180 sq. in. cooking surface is great for cooking family meals whether you want grilled food or enjoy foods cooked on the griddle. The two reversible cooking plates are griddle-smooth on one side and ridged for grilling on the other. They give you the versatility to cook 3 ways. Just flip and combine the plates in the two cooking zones to make a full grill, full griddle or a half grill and half griddle simultaneously. This flexible grill/griddle combo is great for cooking any meal. Cook a full breakfast of pancakes, sausage and eggs on the griddle, grill burgers for lunch while toasting buns on the griddle side, or grill steak and your favorite vegetables for a delicious low-carb dinner. The temperature in each zone is adjustable up to 450°F. The removable cooking plates are dishwasher safe, and the drip tray goes in the top rack for easy cleanup. The double-sided cooking plates are easy to flip and to snap in and out of place to create the perfect grill/griddle combination for every meal.

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